Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning
  You can never be secured from dirt, but we know how to fix it's consequences. We would work hard in order leave bad feelings about the diner just in memory, but not as a dirty spot on you favourite silk sweater. Every finery is a representation of personality. Which means that there is no unimportant details. Individual approach and careful service are our main principles. Our specialists using all of their experience, so that not a single tiny detail would be gone without an appropriate treatment. It would also be our pleasure to consult you about every aspect of care after your clothes.
Description Price
Bolero 140,-
Winter jacket 259,-
Ski jacket 350,-
Feather jacket 350,-
Jacket with GORE-TEX® 350,-
Jacket with hollow fibre 275,-
Heavy summer jacket 199,-
Light summer jacket 179,-
Blouse 98,-
Blouse with a complicated cut 108,-
Long winter coat 299,-
Winter coat 3/4 279,-
Feather winter coat 399,-
Feather coat 3/4 359,-
Long summer coat 225,-
Summer coat 3/4 189,-
Pants without crease 140,-
Pants with crease 145,-
Nailon pants 130,-
Ski pants 250,-
Winter overalls 419,-
Overalls with GORE-TEX® 499,-
Shirt 79,-
Hoody / blouse 130,-
Hoody / blouse – heavy 150,-
Summer coat 179,-
Winter coat 239,-
Formal jacket 160,-
Tuxedo 300,-
Ordinary skirt 120,-
Long skirt 190,-
Skirt with complicated cut 179,-
Slim sweater 90,-
Heavy sweater 130,- upto 150,-
Ordinary dress 179,-
Cocktail dress 220,-
Shorts without crease 100,-
Shorts with crease 109,-
T-shirt 75,-
T-shirt with long sleeve 89,-
Suit vest 90,-
Worm vest 149,-
Heavy worm vest 250,-
Feather vest 300,-
Jacket insertion 99,-
Coat insertion 129,-
Сloak insertion 119,-

Estimated price